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HSBC Bank is the leading bank of Armenia nowadays. In 2011 The Banker magazine recognized the bank as “The bank of the year in Armenia”, and Global Finance magazine published in New York titled it as “The best bank of the year”. HSBC Bank differs from other banks with its high income and active credit business. In 2011 it recorded unprecedented income thus becoming the biggest taxpayer throughout the banking system of Armenia.  

Currently, HSBC is the only bank possessing the highest quantity of ATMs which are more than 50.

HSBC Bank has created a new service reducing the quantities of frauds of bank cards to minimum, as well as installed the only drive through ATM in Armenia that gives the opportunity to perform operations without getting off the car.

HSBS Bank aims at providing only high quality and full package bank services to its customers, as well as becoming their real companion.   



ARMINFO News Agency is one of the key independent providers of impartial, full and reliable news on Armenia for the local and international political and business information markets.  Our mission is to be a reliable source of information and knowledge for the people who make important decisions. We keep pace with the times, but it is not enough. We must provide our items, analysis and forecasts ahead of time to help our customers achieve their goals.



Rate.am- is the leading financial portal in Armenia which provides information on all the banks, exchange points, credit and investment organizations in Armenia. In addition, the website constantly gives new and complete information about currencies, currency fluctuations, also timely updated database of exchange rates.

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